Adonia – computerised facial complexion analysis

The use of photographs in the therapeutic practice of aesthetics has become a common thing. At Skinmed, however, we have taken it to the next level, using a device and technology based on artificial intelligence to analyze the skin of the patients. 

Thus, FotoFinder Adonia combines professional documentation for treatment with a sophisticated skin scan tool. 

The software-controlled camera helps us take more facial photos quick and easy.

adonia - analiza tenului - skinmed

Adonia visualizes pores, pigmentation spots including sunburn, wrinkles, redness and vascular lesions as well as skin uniformity. The results obtained are compared to those of people of the same age, gender and type of skin.

Adonia allows such a dialogue with the patient and offers the opportunity to explain to the patient more skin features and to select recommended procedures from the database.

These are then entered into a report and printed. In time they illustrate the progress of the patient with “before and after” photographs.

 Regardless of the procedure the patient undergoes – the impressive photographs taken by Adonia progressively highlight the results of the treatments.

FotoFinder Adonia offers a wide range of products and procedures from which to select treatment recommendations. These can be customized according to the aesthetic procedure you need.

adonia - analiza tenului - skinmed

During and after treatment, Adonia tracks the progress and success with “front” and “after” photos for the face, chin, neck and neckline from multiple angles. 

Computerized facial analysis is the only investigation that highlights real skin problems and objectively monitors therapies.

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