Hair analysis for treatment and regeneration

Trichoscopy or video-dermoscopy of the scalp is a new imagistic method for hair loss diagnosis consisting in the computerized digital analysis of the hair follicles at the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes level, being the only diagnosis method completely non-invasive (painless) or lacking any side-effects for the patient.


This paraclinical imagistic method is a complex aid for the dermatologist for the correct and early diagnosis of the type of alopecia (hair loss) offering the possibility to initiate as quickly as possible the adequate treatment depending on the identified pathology

This is achievable in 10 minutes with the help of FotoFinder, Medicam 1000 system, the finality of which being a complex report and an accurate diagnosis.

The images that are repeatedly captured in various areas of the scalp, i.e. frontal, parietal, occipital, in different magnifications, 70X, 20X that are further stored in our database for being analyzed in detail by the experts in scalp issues.

The captured images are sent for a second-opinion and analysis within some laboratories abroad (Germany) specialized in this type of hair loss conditions through Trichovision-TrichoLab, thus making possible a full-time monitoring of the treatment results.

After the examination a medical report is released, that includes conclusive statistic data regarding the number and the type of follicles and of the hair, for an accurate diagnosis.

It is a highly useful instrument in diagnosing and monitoring the therapeutic response, for comparatively re-analyzing the data–dynamically –after each treatment session, depending on the decision of the attending physician.

analiza firului de par - fotofinder - skinmed
It is a diagnostic method also recommended to the persons that have no history in scalp issues that have observed an increase in losing their hair lately, being able to offer information on the aspect, number, type and viability of the hair as well as on the risk of transforming in permanent loss of the hair in the relevant areas.

It is the only diagnostic method for scalp conditions, which is related to hair loss, and we can perform the accurate, objective post-treatment monitoring of follicular regeneration.


Trichoscopy is a method of medical imaging, non-invasive, in vivo, of hair and scalp and is used to diagnose hair and scalp disorders. The method of investigation is based on dermatoscopy. Trichoscopy visualizes hair and scalp structures with the help of special cameras that magnify up to 70 times and store the captured images. By means of trichoscopy, changes in hair, blood vessels, scalp pigment patterns, and skin can be noticed to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Trichoscopy is used when the patient experiences a severe hair loss, with or without scarring, for the diagnosis of scarring or non-scarring alopecia: androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, trichotilomania, lichen planopilaris, lupus erythematosus.

Trichoscopy helps the doctor make a more accurate diagnosis because it provides details about hair and scalp that cannot be seen with the naked eye or with the usual methods of image enhancement, because it targets the severity of hair loss, it can avoid unnecessary biopsies or help to find the best area to take the biopsy and, last but not least, it evaluates more objectively the response to the recommended treatment.

The investigation is performed by the dermatologist, macroscopic pictures of three areas of the scalp (frontal, parietal, occipital) are taken, and then multiple microscopic scalp images are taken. The images are sent to an investigation laboratory in Germany. Based on the images, a trichoscopy report is released in about 1 week. The patient returns for interpreting the outcome of trichoscopy and for recommendations regarding subsequent investigations and / or treatment.

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