Vaginal atrophy / dyspareunia

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What is Urogenital Menopausal Syndrome? When a woman advances in the premenopausal and menopausal period, the level of sex hormones, especially those of the estrogen type, decreases. 

This decrease in estrogen hormones leads to significant changes in the genital area (vagina, vulva) and lower urinary system (bladder, urethra).

These changes affecting  over 50% of menopausal women include:

Genitourinary urinary menopausal syndrome is chronic and left untreated it accentuates. Although these symptoms do not threaten life, they can negatively impact self-confidence and couple life.

How is menopausal  genitourinary syndrome treated?

Symptomatic treatment:

non-hormonal or hormonal lubricants (with estrogen)

Hormonal treatment:

estrogens or estrogens and progesterone in the form of pills or transdermal patches

Laser treatment

Use a special CO2 laser that emits the laser beam in the form of smooth energy pixels.

This pixel energy applied to the tissues of the genital area penetrates and improves the quality of the mucosa or skin by stimulating the collagen and elastin synthesis process and by increasing the vasculaturization. 

Treated tissues will be firmer, more elastic, more resistant. 

This remodeling process increases the elasticity and lubrication of the genital mucosa resulting in the disappearance / improvement of spontaneous discomfort or the discomfort felt during sexual intercourse. By reshaping the vaginal wall, vaginal rejuvenation improves mild / moderate urinary incontinence. 

Studies show that by increasing the quality of the vaginal mucosa and stimulating local immune processes, vaginal rejuvenation has a positive role including for chronic vaginosis and HPV infection.

The laser can also be used for the treatment of vaginal intrusion (vaginal opening) and vulvar area (large labia, small labia, clitoris) for treatment of sclerosis lichenis, laxity of tissues, mucosal atrophy, genital mucous dryness.

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