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Lip augmentation is one of the most requested procedures of medical aesthetics. The lips, part of the center of the face, are a key element of femininity and sensuality. 

We express ourselves verbally and non-verbally using this extremely important structure. From an anatomical / structural point of view it is extremely complex, complies with a set of rules related to subcomponents and proportions, and the key word defining this area is the balance.

It is subdivided into several structures (the upper tubercle of the upper lip, two lower lip tubercles, Cupid’s bow, philtrum, contour) and respects anatomical proportions.

A correct volumization to correct the defects or just for adding an extra volume should follow precise technical rules and should be carried out by qualified physicians, trained to this end, as what we want to achieve at the end are naturally-looking lips to complete the notion of beauty.

It is a technique of great value when choosing the best quality hyaluronic acid without being associated with the risk of side effects such as allergies or the appearance of nodules, still occurring in the case of certain types of used substances.
One of the most severe complications is the risk of necrosis (tegumentary death) that may occur in this area if the injection was made intravascularly, or if a large amount of hyaluronic acid was injected, which compressed the vessel or if there has been injected a highly dense hyaluronic acid not adapted to this area.

That is why the experience of the injector  and the quality of the substance are defining.

Injection has immediate effect, without significant edema, the end effect being predictable, injection may be performed with the help of a needle or a canula, the risk of bleeding being lower, as it does not injure vascular structures, depending on the injector experience.

 Thus, the patient can continue his / her daily routine without the need for post-procedure recovery. Reinjection is indicated every 6 months or 1 year.

In Skinmed Clinic, we are committed to the idea of beauty as 'balance', 'proportions', 'natural', our team using the most advanced medical solutions as tools for helping, repairing, and not for unbalancing.

Because the ultimate goal is to be the best version of you in your skin, and not the best version of someone else. 

That is why the dialogue is necessary as well as the critical eye of the specialist physician, who will analyze your features, the facial form and shall suggest the optimal solution for augmenting the lips, so that the reaction of the others will be “I did not even imagine your lips are not natural!

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