Anti cellulite medical treatment at SKINMED®

Cellulite, even if it is not a clinically significant disease, is a real aesthetic issue that affects the well-being of the patients. The change in the appearance of the skin automatically results in a shock in the way we perceive our body. 

This problem can be solved in several ways, each with its challenges. 

One of these is mesotherapy. It can be complemented by more complex treatments (Velashape III) or simpler (subcutaneous ozone infiltration).

Our skin is an impervious protective barrier that does not allow substances to reach deep layers and for skin permeability new techniques have been developed to ensure the absorption of active substances and induce active metabolic processes. 

It is quite difficult for an anti-cellulite cream to penetrate this “fortress”, which is why most creams do not have the desired effect, regardless of price or associated massage.

Mesotherapy is a needle technique, non-invasive and not painful, carried out manually (with a syringe with a very thin needle) or instrumentally (by using specially designed medical devices - pen or gun).

The local anesthesia is not mandatory, the procedure being carried out  depending on the patient's tolerance to pain.

This presupposes the insertion at the mesodermal level, by microinjections, of a cocktail of substances, established by the physician depending on the needs and specifics of the patient, containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, oligoelements etc. 

These microinjections deliver the substance directly in the mesodermis, providing the nutritive support, accelerating the lymph flow and the immune systems, thus creating an important biological response.

The active substances are natural ingredients of the body tissues essential for the function of the same and actively participating to the cells metabolism, inducing the activation of metabolic means, inducing the cellular recovery, ensuring the tissues integrity and health. 

There are situations in which hypodermic injection (deep lipoprotein mesotherapy) is associated with substances that selectively destroy adipocytes in the injection areas, the liberated lipids being physiologically drained without overloading internal organs.

There are required 7-10 sessions, at 10-14 days away, the effects  being visible after the first two sessions.

The attending physician drafts a therapeutic protocol, describing the used substances, the total number of the sessions and the sessions intervals (for example when it comes to cellulite there are necessary 7-10 session every 7-10 days, for epidermal regeneration 3-5 sessions every 2- 4 weeks).

It is very important for the patient to return for maintenance sessions every 6 months -1 year.

The mesotherapy session lasts, in average, 30-45 minutes. At the end of the therapeutic program an obvious improvement of the condition to be solved is visible, assessed both subjectively and objectively.

For a long-term maintenance of the desired goddess-like body, besides the VelaShape III treatment, our specialists recommend a balanced diet, sport and rest when the body asks for it. It is also possible to decide on a series of combined treatments that, together with Velashape, include injectable lipolysis mesotherapy sessions, if it is necessary to correct localized adiposities. 

This way you will enjoy the results of mesotherapy, or the ultra-high performance of VelaShape III for a long time.

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Vaginal rejuvenation and intimate area laser depigmentation

What is the hyperpigmentation  of the genital area?

Hyperpigmentation of the genital area is the darkening of the skin of the genital and peri-genital area (vulvar, perineal, perianal, inguinal and inner thighs). 

It is caused by the genetic predisposition to hyperpigmentation (excess secretion of melanin, brown skin pigment), hormones, pregnancy, friction, area epilation, sun exposure, and aging.

How does the laser depigmentation  of the genital area work?

Although there are available different types of genial area depigmentation procedures (depigmentation lotions, chemical peelings, IPL), the laser depigmentation is the most efficient, quicker and with permanent results.

In the Skinmed clinic we use for the genital area depigmentation a Femilift Pixel state of the art CO2 laser. This type of laser generates fractioned laser emissions that, depending on the patient’s requirements, can penetrate and stimulate the skin for obtaining a lighter, younger, firmer, and more aesthetical skin.

The areas that can be treated are the vulvar, perineal (area between the vagina and anus), perianal, inguinal and inner thighs areas.

femilift - rejuvenarea vaginala - skinmed

How is the laser genital area  treatment carried out?

Before performing the procedure an initial medical exam with the dermatologist is carried out for evaluating the area to be treated and for identifying the potential cases representing “no go” for the procedure. 

Based on the initial medical exam, the treatment plan is established – usually 3-4 sessions at 4-6 weeks for optimum results.

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The procedure only requires local anesthesia in the form of lotion, does not require bed rest, the patient returns to his / her daily activities on the same day. The procedure lasts 30-45 minutes.

After the procedure, the doctor recommends some care products, no sexual intercourse for 3-5 days without exposure to the sun for 3 months and waxing is prohibited.

The depigmentation treatment can be combined in the same session with other gynecological aesthetic procedures: laser or combined (PRP or hyaluronic acid) rejuvenation for the vulvar area, vaginal rejuvenation, O-shot, G-spot augmentation.

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Velashape III, cellulite treatment

Velashape III is the best answer to complex body problems such as cellulite and laxity of the skin. Approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA), Velashape III is the latest generation of non-invasive treatments to eliminate the appearance of orange peel and silhouette shaping. 

The device combines four technologies simultaneously for action to eliminate cellulite and adipose tissue:

Clinically  tested results

The safety and efficacy of Velashape III treatments have been demonstrated in extensive clinical trials of more than 5 million treatments carried out on patients around the world. 

Thus, after 4 sessions, a remarkable decrease of an average of 3-4 cm abdominal fat has been registered.

According to such trials, in two weeks after the first session, a decrease of the fat has been registered by 1.5 in the waist area, 1.7 cm in the abdominal area and by 2 cm on the hips. In addition, throughout the trial, the patients did not complain about any side effects, and after treatment they also achieved a major improvement in skin appearance.

Thus, from the efficiency point of view, it works with better results than crypolipolysis.

Price and  frequently asked questions

Still why are there any patients dissatisfied with body remodeling? One reason would be the use of similar devices in cosmetic salons, but which do not have the same power. 

Instead of a power of 20-25 watts, the Velashape III system has a power of 150 watts. 

This includes it in the category of medical aesthetics and not body aesthetics. In other words, it can only be used in medical clinics.

 Another reason is the non-compliance with the duration such device must be used for each area, for getting a lower price per session.

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Thus, a fair price does not only reflect the cost of the appliance and the work performed by specialized personnel (doctors or nurses), but also the use of Velashape for the optimal duration of the treated areas. 

To get a lower price, we recommend buying packages that can reduce the price / session by up to 50%.

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Velashape 3 technology is based on a vacuum system that warms-up the adipose tissue in the targeted areas, resulting in a more even, more aesthetic appearance of the skin. It is a non-invasive procedure of corporal remodelling with spectacular effects. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, Velashape 3 is more powerful, with greater power and 60% lighter than Velashape 2. 

Velashape 3 incorporates  infrared light, radiofrequency, vacuum and massage roller system. During the procedure the adipose tissue is warmed up, which reduces the adipocytes and, implicitly, diminishes the “orange peel” appearance of the skin. The technology also stimulates local blood circulation, helping to increase collagen production. Thus, the skin regains its elasticity and tone, with a visibly improved appearance 

Most commonly, patients choose to treat their thighs, buttocks and abdomen, these being the body parts most prone to cellulite. The procedure may also be used in other areas of the body, such as arms or neck. 

Clinical trials show that after the treatment with Velashape, the circumference of the treated area will be reduced to an average of 1.3-7.5 cm. The visible enhancements to the look are noticed from the first or second treatment session and will grow steadily during the next sessions.

In some cases, the results are noticeable after the first treatment session, but most patients choose to do another 3-4 treatment sessions to see significant improvements in the treatment areas. A decrease in cellulite is usually observed after 4 treatment sessions. Optimal results are generally obtained after 6 treatments.

Generally, 6 treatment sessions, one week apart, are required to produce long-term results.

Depending on the area treated, the duration of a session may vary between 20 and 45 minutes. Upon completion of the 6 sessions, maintenance sessions can be performed every 2-3 months, depending on the needs of each patient. 

After a series of 6 treatment sessions, the effect becomes long lasting, with the reduction of fat cells lasting for several months. Results can be maintained and prolonged by associating a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet. After a series of 6 sessions, maintenance treatments can be performed at a distance of 2-3 months.

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