Permanent hair removal with Soprano Ice Platinum

The term of laser hair removal is, in fact, the one that should be of interest for the patients looking for a long term solution for hair removal. Moreover, they should take note that the laser hair removal should be carried out in a dermatologic medical facility, as this is a medical device, from the point of view of the technology it uses.


Soprano Ice Platinum is the state of the art laser technology, internationally recognized, with the highest efficiency in hair removal. It is made by ALMA LASERS, a leader company, internationally recognized in the field of medical and aesthetic technologies. 

Combining the benefits of Alexandrite wavelength with the advantages of a solid-state laser, Soprano Ice offers the latest generation of technology and treatment methods, enabling practitioners to treat a wide portfolio of patients in any season. 

The procedures are quick, easy, painless and comfortable for the patient, providing the best clinical results.

Soprano Ice Platinum combines three different wave lengths and it works for all skin types.

The Alexandrite technology in solid state ensures the maximal absorption of a laser wave at the level of hair follicle, allows the treatment for all types of body hair (including the thin and blonde hair) and all skin phototypes (including tanned/dark skin).
The ICE technology ensures the cold contact simultaneously and constantly. The ICE technology is an advanced cooling method, highly efficient during treatment and with a long lasting effect.

The ICE tech patent for the special incorporated Safire minimizes the skin burnt risks, while maintaining the heat in the dermis where the hair follicles are targeted. 

The special cooling technology increases the patient’s comfort, the procedure being painless.

The virtual, painless technique– SHR is the only internationally renowned medical method used for removing the body hair that is painless;

It is an unique method of gradual heating, highly efficient in dermis papilla photocoagulation, with long lasting effects, preventing the aggression on the surrounding tissues; in the same time ”ICE” cools down the skin surface, preventing the superficial burns and the pain sensation;
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Reliable safety – Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated that SHR is the safest LASER hair removal procedure, including dark-skinned / tanned skin phototypes that are very sensitive to the heat used in these therapies. 

The dermis papilla is not coagulated by a single high energy pulse as it happens for the vast majority of technologies, but by a series of low energy repetitive pulses.

This method reduces the risk of epidermal burn, allowing gradual increase of temperature to the desired efficiency threshold and irreversible destruction of the hair follicle.

Tanned skin? The SHR method acts in a unique way on the melanin, allowing treatments to be performed at any time of the year, including on a tanned skin. 

Moreover, exposure to the sun is far less aggressive after a SHR treatment.

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SOPRANO ICE PLATINUM is the latest generation of laser used in hair removal, being the most complete and effective treatment available now. The Platinum Edition combines 3 laser wavelengths in an innovative way, while simultaneously targeting different depths in the skin tissue and structures at the level of the hair follicle.

SOPRANO ICE is an advanced platform that incorporates multiple technologies and different wavelengths, allowing treatment of most skin types, any time of the year.

Soprano ICE uses Alma Laser SHR technology, which is the only method clinically proven to be painless. Unique heating and distribution system of the energy targets the hair follicle, not affecting the surrounding tissues. Concomitant, the integrated ICE system cools the surface of the skin, avoiding superficial burns and feeling of pain.

The SHR technology underlying SOPRANO ICE is the only proven by means of multiple clinical trials to be the safest method of hair removal, regardless of skin type. Using SHR, injuries to the hair follicle occur through low energy repetitive pulses that produce gradual warming of the tissue to the level necessary to prevent hair growth, thus minimizing the risk of burning.

Yes. SHR technology allows the device to be used both in the summer, on tanned skin and on dark skin phototypes. 

The technology of this laser allows fast treatments, being the most efficient laser available now. The exact duration of a treatment session depends on the treated area and the characteristics of the hair, ranging from a few seconds for small areas (upper lip), and 8 minutes for the posterior thorax.

Depending on the patient’s skin type and hair characteristics, the desired results are achieved on average after 6-8 treatment sessions.

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