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We can fight acne together! Each patient for us is unique. So does the treatment.

An acne treatment that works!

When we discuss with acne patients, we talk with them exclusively on personalized treatments. The causes of acne are multiple, each patient’s lifestyle is different, each patient’s body reacts differently and therefore we cannot approach the disease unless we put the patient first!

acne treatment center by skinmed
acne treatment center by skinmed

Why was the Acne Treatment Center created?

Our experience coming from hundreds of acne patients seen each year in Skinmed Clinic has taught us that the right therapeutic approach requires multiple different scientific combinations / treatment protocols (different types of medical lasers, injectables, creams, peels, and alternative therapy) and much more time dedicated to personalized treatment.

We have gathered all this information, with the help of our very well trained medical staff in this field, so that we offer the optimal treatment solution for all types of acne. We know that can be associated with major personal and social impact and should therefore be treated with the uttermost importance, regardless of the age of the patient.

Testimonials of treated patients

Your experience in the Acne Treatment Center

During our first consultation, we will spend some more time discussing together about acne and your lifestyle.

It is important to understand what acne is and that, although the patient is not involved in causing the lesions to reappear or appear, it can get worse through your daily approach, making it harder to heal.

Then, we move on to the physical examination of the skin, in order to determine what type of acne you have. And, in addition to the medical treatment performed in the clinic, you will also be advised to follow your personalized home care protocol.

acne treatment center by skinmed

Complete the medical file of the patient

acne treatment center by skinmed

Physical examination

acne treatment center by skinmed

Photographing and counting the lesions

acne treatment center by skinmed

Personalized written treatment plan

acne treatment center by skinmed

Immediate improvement of the skin’s appearance

acne treatment center by skinmed

Evaluation and recovery of residual signs or scars after the first visit

acne treatment center by skinmed

Specialized products for home treatment

Dr. Amalia Anghel

Primary doctor in dermato-venereology, doctor in medicine, and specialised in aesthetic treatments, Founder and Medical Director of Skinmed Clinic.

Her extensive experience in the field of acne led to the creation of the Skinmed Acne Treatment Center (ATC). ATC is equipped with the high-end medical laser devices used for our treatment protocols. In the same time, the ATC medical team is consisted of a team of specialists to perform the prescribed therapeutic procedures.
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