Corection of dark eye circles with hyaluronic acid, P.R.P or mesotherapy

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The dark circles under the eyes represent an aesthetic problem for both women and men. Far from being the expression of a serious medical problem, in most of the cases they have an easy to solve cause: the blood in the capillary veins at the eye level is no longer flowing that quickly and as the vein blood is darker, it darkens the relevant area.

We are not talking about the dark circles that already include “folds” of extra skin. They require surgical treatment. But for those that only darken the area there are highly efficient non-surgical therapies! 

We are talking about injecting a pellicle of hyaluronic acid that will interpose between the vascular structure and the skin, or about the improvement of the skin by mesotherapy procedures.

The latter mentioned can correct the excesive skin laxity, thanks to the remodeling major effects and to the stimulation/acceleration of the natural process of supporting fibers synthesis. 

Thus, the skin re-becomes elastic, firm and tonified. 

Mesotherapy means introducing, by microinjections, of a cocktail of substances, established by the physician depending on the needs and specifics of the patient, containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, oligoelements, etc. 

On the other hand, the injection of hyaluronic acid for correcting the dark circles must be carried out by physicians with a wide experience in this field, as we are talking about a delicate procedure that requires a lot of attention.

For a better correction, on the long run, this is associated with platelet-rich plasma infiltration (P.R.P., plasmolifting) of the affected area.

This will result in the regeneration of the skin tissue, affected in time by the poor oxygenation.

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The clinical situation of hyperpigmentation of the lower eyelid area is also described, as it is also defined by the same term, requiring the adapting of the mesotherapy substances for erasing /reducing this pigmentation, frequently constitutional.

Mesotherapy presents minimal risks, and the side effects are low;

Small bruises or haematoma can occur in the laxity areas, or redness, local pain, burn sensation, pruritus, or a local minor allergic reaction.

Mesotherapy is an extremely important procedure during the antiaging treatments by correcting the unbalances related to this natural process, such as dehydration, lack of firmness, of elasticity and change in the skin quality.

corectie cearcane acid hialuronic - skinmed
Mesotherapy can be carried out with the help of an extremely thin needle, or instrumentally, with adapted devices at one end with a needles system, by which the substances are introduced and a minimal trauma with local epitelializing /restructuring effect.

In average, 5 sessions are required, at an interval of 1-2 weeks, followed-up by maintenance sessions every 1/3-6 months. The effects are visible after 1-2 sessions.

It corrects defects related to texture, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentations, depressed scars restoring the integrity and the look of the skin.

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