Lip augmentation "by the book"!

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Beauty, defined by well-noted qualities in recent years, has become a goal, and lip augmentation one of the most requested aesthetic procedures today. If we had to define beauty using one word, it would certainly be 'balance'. Whether recommended for lip augmentation, smoothing wrinkles, correcting dark circles or restructuring cheekbones, hyaluronic acid injections have become part of routine care nowadays.

A concrete example in the context of balanced beauty is lip augmentation, an intervention increasingly in demand for both pragmatic and aesthetic reasons. Out of need or desire.

Whatever the reason, it is based on a hard-to-ignore reality: when we interact with a person, we analyze them from top to bottom, from face to shoes. It's no wonder that lips have a major impact and play a particularly important role on a facial level. That's why it's only natural to want beautiful lips that help us feel good about ourselves.

Lip augmentation - challenge accepted!

In order to achieve sensuous but natural lips, it is important to take into account two aspects: the type/quality of hyaluronic acid (possible reactions are related to this aspect) and the way the doctor is specialised in injection techniques. Why the doctor? Because this procedure, which is considered simple, can cause serious adverse reactions when performed improperly or by an unskilled person.

Hyaluronic acid injection or hyaluronic acid lip augmentation means solving the many problems a woman may have in this area:

  • lip asymmetry;
  • increasing them when they are too thin; 
  • filling in the blanks that affect the way we talk or smile.

Thanks to premium hyaluronic acid de ultimă generație, pe care am ales să îl folosim în clinica Skinmed, efectele acestei proceduri sunt vizibile până la 9 luni. În funcție de ceea ce vă doriți –  mărirea buzelor, umplerea golurilor sau doar hidratarea acestora – folosim cel mai bun tip de acid hialuronic pentru fiecare procedură în parte. În privința tehnicii de lucru, ne-am specializat în buze senzuale, dar cu aspect natural, evitând acel aspect de “bot de rață” sau “tobogan”.

How does the lip augmentation procedure go?

The first step is to apply a strong numbing cream to the area. Most patients find the procedure tolerable in terms of pain (especially as it takes a maximum of 15 minutes).

We often prefer the cannula for hyaluronic acid injection, which reduces the risk of bruising and associated oedema. The cannula is a blunt-tipped needle, so it does not puncture or traumatise the blood vessels and nerve endings in the lips, but rather 'bypasses' them. The choice of injection technique (needle or cannula) is determined after a consultation in which we decide together with the patient which is the best option.

The Skinmed Clinic We rely on 'balance', 'proportion', 'naturalness' and use the most advanced medical solutions as tools to help, to repair, not to unbalance.

Because the ultimate goal is to be the best version of yourself, in your own skin, not the best version of someone else (in the opinion of others).

This is why dialogue is necessary, as well as the critical eye of the specialist doctor who will analyze your features and propose the optimal lip augmentation solution, so that the reaction of those around you will be 'I had no idea they weren't natural!'

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