Hormonal Acne

acneea hormonala - atc skinmed

Hormonal acne is manifested by acne lesions, often of an inflammatory type, whose appearance is either cyclical, linked to variations in...

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Anti-acne cream

lasere antiacnee - atc skinmed

Laser therapies have revolutionized acne treatment, whether we're talking about inflammatory lesions in active acne or scarring, whatever the...

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Juvenile acne

acneea juvenila - atc skinmed

Juvenile acne is one of the most common dermatological conditions, with onset at puberty, variable severity, sometimes regressing in young adulthood

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Adult Acne

acneea adultului - atc skinmed

Adult acne occurs either as a continuation of teenage acne or sometimes de novo. Unlike juvenile acne, which is more common in the male...

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