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Dr. Amalia Anghel

Primary doctor in dermato-venerology, MD and super-specialized in aesthetic treatments, being the founder and sole shareholder of Skinmed clinic.

His vast experience in the treatment of acne patients led to the creation of the Acne Treatment Center, equipped with the most modern laser equipment in the field and a team of specialists in performing prescribed therapeutic procedures.

Why choose our clinic?

Service run by a primary dermatologist

All excisions are performed by Dr. Amalia Anghel, a primary dermatologist with extensive experience in dermatological surgery.

For single or multiple injuries

Our 2-step process for mapping the entire skin surface allows us to identify and treat single or multiple lesions.

Double reporting

The Nevus Monitoring Clinic is based on the principle of double reporting, thus reducing the chance of an ambiguous diagnosis.

Reduced interpretation time for patient comfort

No waiting time of weeks - if a nevus requires excision, this can be done in most cases on the same day, up to a maximum of 5 days after dermatoscopic diagnosis.

No unnecessary excisions of the nevus

Pattern recognition and specialist training allows our team to differentiate between benign and dysplastic (atypical) or malignant (skin cancer) lesions.

Extensive reports for patients

Extensive patient reports as well as a USB stick loaded with your images.

ADONIA facial analysis report

With personalised treatment guidelines. ADONIA tool monitoring over time


Standardized, quantitative, with diagnostic suggestion. TRICHOLAB - Diagnostic and treatment tool for hair transplantation Monitoring scalp therapies using TRICHOLAB

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