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When back pain (low back, back or neck pain) occurs, the most common cause most patients think of is a herniated disc.

But this is not always the case. Often it's just severe muscle contractions caused by incorrect posture during the day.

Other times, a scar left after an operation or an accident, or even a dental problem, can lead to disturbances in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system (by altering the signal transmitted to the brain by the receptors in these areas).

These are all situations where a disc disease or spondylosis clouds the diagnostic horizon, whereas the patient's problem is simpler.

As a fellow neurosurgeon, who also practices ozone therapy, said:  "back pain + ozone = lack of pain".

Most commonly, cervical spondylosis falls into this category, where severe contracture of the muscles of the neck and upper chest gives the same symptoms as spondylosis (the contracture can be so severe that over time it deforms the normal position of the spine).

Over the last 40 years, ozone therapy specialists have also validated a complementary method of treatment, which significantly improves the patient's quality of life and makes the drug treatment work much faster.

We refer to intramuscular infiltration with ozone, parallel to the spine, in the area affected by hernia or spondylosis. Ozone infiltrations don't hurt!

Although it stings a little when injected, ozone has significant analgesic effects on nerve endings in the targeted area.

To combat pain, the main mode of administration is to inject tender points and trigger points, which are bundles of muscle and nerve fibres that generate pain signals in specific areas.

Sometimes the pain is generated around them, sometimes at a distance.

There are a few such sore/sensitive spots that most people have, but they can also occur as a result of acute trauma, or microtrauma that occurs repeatedly over a long period of time.

Isolating them and injecting them with ozone is the fastest and most effective way to get rid of the pain.

Of course, in parallel, the cause of their activation must also be treated, but the patient's quality of life does not suffer.

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