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Founded by Dr. Amalia Anghel, SKINMED Clinic® has developed nicely over the years, becoming a true centre of excellence in dermatology, and since 2018 the team of professionals has grown considerably.

This was a necessity imposed both by the large number of patients and by the desire to expand the scope of medical activity to offer complete and personalised solutions.

Thus, in addition to dermatology, there are now in the clinic specialists in: 

Vascular surgery

for venous insufficiency pathology and varicose veins


especially for non-invasive gynaecological aesthetics, a pioneering medical branch, which SKINMED® inaugurated it in Bucharest with the highest level of equipment

Infectious diseases

which often give skin manifestations mimicking certain dermatological problems

We are also among the first in the country to introduce the concept of anti-aging medicine at the highest level!

Regarding injectable treatments with hyaluronic acid, Botox or P.R.P., the advantage of SKINMED doctors® is that they learned from the best professionals in the field, Dr. Amalia Anghel being one of the official trainers of Allergan (the company that produces the Juvederm hyaluronic acid and Vistabel botulinum toxin range).

If we refer to laser therapies, the medical staff has taken specialized courses to use the equipment from Alma Lasers, world leader in the field, including in the field of gynecological aesthetic therapies (courses organized by the European Association of Gynecological Aesthetics).

Systemic anti-ageing is represented both by natural 100% complementary therapies such as ozone therapy (ozone enrichment of the blood by major autohemotherapy) and by the administration of vitamin, amino acid and glutathione cocktails by infusion.

doctor amalia anghel Medic Primar Dermatovenerologie - skinmed

Dr. Amalia Anghel


Primary Dermatovenerology Physician
Doctor of Medical Sciences
Expert Terpii injectabile / Terapii laser / Dermatoscopie & Dermato-oncologie
Trainer Juvederm România & Alma Laser

doctor anamaria leasu-branet Medic Specialist Dermatovenerologie - skinmed

Dr. Anamaria Leașu-Braneț


Dermatovenerology Specialist
Expert Dermatoscopie & Diagnostic Melanom / Terapii Laser

doctor alexandra nuca dermatologie - skinmed clinic

Dr. Alexandra Andreescu


Dermatovenerology Specialist
Expert Dermatoscopie & Diagnostic Melanom / Acnee & Terapii laser

dr andreea matei - skinmed clinic

Dr. Andreea Matei


Dermatovenerology Specialist
Expert Dermatoscopie & Diagnostic Melanom / Scalp & Terapii injectabile

medic - skinmed

Dr. Alis Salame


Dermatovenerology Specialist
Expert Terapii laser /Terapii injectabile

doctor razvan vintilescu terapie cu ozon - skinmed

Dr. Razvan Vintilescu

Ozonoterapie & Antiaging

Medic Specialist Medicină de familie
Expert Ozonoterapie & Antiaging

marina dumitras Medic Primar Chirurgie Generala ecogragie - skinmed

Dr. Marina Dumitraș

General Surgery and Phlebology

Primary General Surgeon
Doctor of Medical Sciences
Expert Flebologie

doctor gabriela pasescu - skinmed clinic

Dr. Gabriela Pasescu

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Medic Primar Medicină Generală
Medic Specialist Ginecologie
Expert Ecografie Generală & Ginecologică / Rejuvenare ginecologică

dr ileana iosa - skinmed clinic

Dr. Ileana Iosa


Medic specialist Ginecologie
Expert Ecografie Ginecologică / Rejuvenare ginecologică

doctor gabriela orosan chirurgie - skinmed clinic

Dr. Gabriela Oroșan

Vascular Surgery and Vascular Ultrasound

Primary General Surgeon
Primary Physician Vascular Surgery
Doctor în Știinte Medicale
Expert Ecografie vasculară & Flebologie

doctor gabriel gurguta medic specialist boli infectioase - skinmed

Dr. Gabriel Gurguță

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases Specialist

dr baldivia paola - skinmed clinic

Dr. Paola Baldivia

General Medicine

General Practitioner

doctor lucia cosei diabet zaharat - skinmed clinic bucuresti

Dr. Lucia I sewed

Diabet Zaharat, Nutriție, Boli Metabolice

Medic Specialist Diabet Zaharat, Nutriție și Boli Metabolice

dr moculescu cosmin chirurgia plastica - skinmed clinic bucuresti

Dr. Cosmin Moculescu

Chirurgie plastică

Medic Specialist Chirurgie Plastică
Expert Reconstrucție Capilară

diana barzoi - skinmed clinic

Diana Barzoi


Terapeut tratamente faciale & corporale

doctor elena sancu Coordonator Departament Epilare Laser si Velashape - skinmed clinic

Elena Șancu

Asistent Medical Principal

Coordonator Departament Epilare laser & Remodelare corporală

medic 02 - skinmed

Valentina Ghinescu

Asistent Medical
medic 02 - skinmed

Aurelia Preda

Asistent Medical
oprea andreea - asistent skinmed clinic

Andreea Oprea

Asistent Medical
sava daiana - skinmed

Daiana Sava

carmen calin - skinmed

Carmen Călin