Permanent hair removal with Soprano Ice Platinum

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The term laser hair removal is actually the one that should interest patients looking for a long-lasting solution for hair removal. As they should also be informed that laser hair removal should be performed in a dermatological clinic, as this device is a medical one, in terms of the technology used.

Soprano Ice Platinum is the world's most effective, world-renowned, state-of-the-art laser technology for removing hair loss.

It belongs to the ALMA LASERS portfolio, a world-renowned leader in medical and aesthetic technologies.

Combining the benefits of the Alexandrite wavelength with the advantages of a solid state laser, Soprano Ice offers the latest generation of technology and treatment method, allowing practitioners to treat a broad portfolio of patients and in any season.

The procedures are quick, easy, painless and comfortable for the patient, ensuring the best clinical results.

Soprano Ice Platinum combines three different wavelengths and is effective for all skin types.

Alexandrite solid state technology ensures maximum laser wave absorption at the hair follicle, allowing treatment for all hair types (including thin and blonde hair) and all skin phototypes (including tanned/dark skin).

ICE technology ensures simultaneous and constant cold contact.  

Tehnologia ICE este o metodă avansată de răcire, foarte eficientă în timpul tratamentului şi cu efect îndelungat.​

ICE tech's patent for the special embedded sapphire minimises the risk of burning at the skin's surface, while retaining heat in the dermis where hair follicles are targeted.

Special cooling technology increases patient comfort and the procedure is painless.

Virtual, pain-free technique - SHR is the only pain-free clinical method used for hair removal with worldwide recognition.

It is a unique method of gradual heating, highly effective in photocoagulation of the dermal papilla, with long-lasting effects, which prevents aggression on the surrounding tissues.

At the same time "ICE" cools the surface of the skin, preventing superficial burns and soreness.

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Proven safety - numerous clinical studies have shown that SHR is the safest LASER procedure for hair removal, including for dark phototypes/tanned skin, which are very sensitive to the heat used in these therapies.

The dermal papilla is not coagulated by a single high-energy pulse as is the case with most technologies, but by a series of repetitive low-energy pulses.

This method reduces the risk of epidermal burn by allowing the temperature to gradually rise to the desired threshold of effectiveness necessary to irreversibly destroy the hair follicle.

Tanned skin? The SHR method works in a unique way on melanin, allowing treatments to be carried out at any time of the year, including on tanned skin.

Moreover, sun exposure is much less aggressive after SHR treatment.

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epilare definitiva - soprano ice platinum - skinmed

Questions frequent

SOPRANO ICE PLATINUM is the newest generation of laser used in hair removal and is the most complete and effective treatment available today. The Platinum Edition combines 3 laser wavelengths in an innovative way, simultaneously targeting different depths of skin tissue and hair follicle structures.

SOPRANO ICE is an advanced platform incorporating multiple technologies and different wavelengths, allowing the treatment of most skin phototypes at any time of the year.

Soprano ICE uses Alma Laser SHR technology, the only clinically proven painless method. The unique heating and energy distribution system targets the hair follicle, sparing surrounding tissue. At the same time, the integrated ICE system cools the surface of the skin, avoiding superficial burns and pain.

The SHR technology underlying SOPRANO ICE is the only one proven in multiple clinical studies to be the safest method of hair removal, regardless of skin phototype. Using SHR, the injury to the hair follicle is done by repetitive pulses of low energy, which produce gradual heating of the tissue to the level necessary to prevent hair growth, thus minimizing the risk of burning.

Yes. The SHR technology allows the device to be used both in summer on tanned skin and for dark skin phototypes.

The technology of this laser allows for fast treatments, making it the most effective laser available today. The exact duration of a treatment session depends on the area treated and the characteristics of the hair, ranging from a few seconds for small areas (upper lip) to 8 minutes for the posterior chest.

Depending on the patient's skin phototype and the characteristics of the hair, the desired results are achieved on average after 6-8 treatment sessions.

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