Come on holiday safely! COOL4SKIN CAMPAIGN successfully debuted on Shut Up, Beach, the coolest beach in Mamaia!

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200 of the tourists who enjoyed their holiday by the sea during the first weekend of the hottest month benefited from the advantages offered by the specialists from Skinmed Clinic and Bioderma - advanced photoprotection for the whole day, medical assistance and mole screening thanks to free dermatoscopies, offered to all those concerned about the quality of their skin and raffles with surprise prizes, supporting the health and beauty of the skin.


Together with doctors from Skinmed and representatives of Bioderma the Galatian was found Alex Stoica, national vice-champion in kayaking, known to the general public after his participation in one of the most popular TV shows - Exatlon Romania. He understood the importance of proper skin care and the need for regular check-ups after the problems he faced as soon as he returned home from the Dominican Republic, where he participated in the competition for about 3 months:

"The lack of a thorough skin care and protection ritual under the Dominican sun seriously damaged my skin quality, so it was necessary to go to the doctor. My skin was extremely dry and at times hyperpigmented. You can imagine that in the fever of the contest I was forgetting to apply sunscreen every 2 hours. To be honest, I didn't even know this was the rule. Luckily I came across Dr. Amalia Anghel, who not only saved me, but helped me understand what I need to do from now on to have healthy skin. To understand, just think that until now August found me black and blue. This year I'm white as a sheet..."

Skinmed, Bioderma & Shut Up Beach  provides your skin's share of health!

Let's not forget that the most precious outfit is healthy skin! As this summer is delicate not only because of the high temperatures, but also because of the safety measures that each of us must take against Covid 19, the specialists of the Skinmed clinic together with those from Bioderma "watch" you every weekend of August on one of the largest and safest beaches on the Romanian coast - Shut Up, Beach, a place where absolutely all anti Covid 19 measures are strictly observed!

Cool4Skin is a campaign supported by responsible celebrities, great tan lovers, but aware of the importance of maintaining skin health:

You can always find them on beach Shut Upeach with their own story of uncontrolled sun exposure and caring for their health.

Safe sun exposure,  no burns, no wrinkles, no cancer potential!

"We are talking about a project that comes to the support of all sun and sea lovers who sometimes expose themselves uncontrollably, risking serious skin diseases. As we anticipated, we met healthy, responsible people on the beach, but also people of different ages - from children to the elderly, who came to the COOL4SKIN bench with sunburns, hyperpigmentation on different areas of the body and, unfortunately, even advanced skin cancer (a young man of only 30 years old, who had never been to a specialist check-up!). Through this project we want to inform people about the dangers of uncontrolled exposure to the sun, to highlight the role of prevention of any serious disease, to detect serious diseases that require regular check-ups and specialized treatment and save lives, because life is worth living!"

Safe sun exposure,  safe!

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