Vulvar hyperpigmentation

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Hyperpigmentation of the genital area is the darkening of the skin of the genital and perigenital area (vulvar, perineal, perianal, groin and inner thigh).

It is caused by genetic predisposition to hyperpigmentation (excess secretion of melanin, the brown pigment of the skin), hormones, pregnancy, friction, waxing of the area, sun exposure, advancing age.

Although several types of genital depigmentation procedures are available (depigmenting creams, chemical peels, IPL), laser depigmentation is the most effective, quickest and with permanent results.

The newest and most effective treatment method is laser therapy  The latest generation CO2 Femilift Pixel from the Alma Lasers family.

This type of laser generates fractional laser emissions that depending on the need of the patient being treated can penetrate and stimulate the skin to achieve lighter, younger, firmer, more aesthetic skin. Before the procedure is performed is the initial consultation with the dermatologist in which an assessment is made of the area to be treated, identifying potential conditions that are contraindications to the procedure.

Based on the initial consultation the treatment plan is established - usually 3-4 sessions are carried out at 4-6 week intervals for optimal results.

The procedure requires only local anaesthesia in the form of a cream, does not require bed rest, the patient returns the same day to his daily activities. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes.

After the procedure the doctor recommends certain care products, no sexual contact for 3-5 days, no sun exposure for 3 months or waxing.

It can treat the vulvar area, perineal (the area between the vagina and anus), perianal, groin area, inner thighs.

The depigmentation treatment can be combined in the same session with other gynaecological aesthetic procedures: laser or combined (PRP or hyaluronic acid) rejuvenation for the vulvar area, vaginal rejuvenation, O-shot, G-spot augmentation.

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