Skinmed Clinic has implemented a secure and highly efficient online consultation platform involving a direct connection between doctor and patient.

Skinmed Shop stands out both thanks to the top ranges on sale and the team of professionals ready to recommend exactly the right products for your skin's needs. 

The incidence of melanoma in the general population is increasing. Body scanning with generalised dermoscopy of the nevus helps in the early detection of melanoma.

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Beat acne together! Every case is unique. So is the treatment.

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When you can come to the SKIMED clinic and what are the dermatological emergencies

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We strongly believe in team medicine.

We build partnerships and use science and technology for healing.

We are innovative and believe in integrative, personalised and individualised medicine.

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Telemedicina dermatologica o necesitate in plina pandemie Covid19 - skinmed clinic

Dermatological telemedicine - a necessity in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic

It is already a reality that the largest state health units where patients could go for dermatological problems are no longer accessible...
teledermatologia online - skinmed clinic

Medical act performed by teledermatology

Teledermatology refers to the provision of specialist dermatology services (advice, diagnosis, treatment planning and education)...
teledermatologia online - skinmed clinic

Analysis and interpretation of personal data - telemedical consultation

Following the explicit consent of the patient, with the signing of the Personal Data Processing Agreement and the Informed Consent...
teledermatologia online - skinmed clinic

Notes on taking the photographic image

The photographic image taken is very important, its quality depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis and three photographic images must be taken
teledermatologia online - skinmed clinic

Telemedical patient assessment and examination

The medical specialist must obtain the necessary data to make a presumptive/certain diagnosis, a differential diagnosis...

News SKINMED® Clinic

harmonyca acid hialuronic skinmed clinic bucuresti

HArmonyCa, acidul hialuronic cu efect de lifting instant & susţinut!

HArmonyCa este un produs injectabil hibrid cu efect dublu.
barbia dubla gusa skinmed clinic

Elimină bărbia dublă (gușa) fără bisturiu!

Bărbia dublă, popular cunoscută drept gușă, înrăutățește vizibil aspectul unui chip.
tratament fiecare tip cearcane - skinmed clinic bucuresti

Treatments for every type of dark circles!

Cearcănele au nebănuita putere de a comunica pentru noi din spatele straturilor de fard și machiaj...
controlul dermatologic al alunitelor - skin med

Dermatological control of moles, indicated in all seasons!

Regardless of the season, whether or not you have been in the sun recently, a dermatological check-up for moles is necessary once a year.
augmentarea buzelor ca la carte - skinmed clinic bucuresti

Lip augmentation "by the book"!

Beauty, defined by well-noted qualities in recent years, has become a goal, and lip augmentation one of the most requested aesthetic procedures today.


I was very pleased with the Accent Prime treatment, I started seeing results after about the second session. The procedure isn't painful, it can sting a bit at times. The staff is very friendly, flexible and with a genuine care for the client experience. At the end of the 6 sessions I managed to lose 4 inches in... Read more „I was very pleased with„

Elena Marinica

Best lips made by AA❤️

Alexandra Grigorescu

The best clinic in Bucharest and in the country, in every respect.
The staff is friendly and very attentive to customers, cleanliness is the order of the day, appointments are strictly adhered to, interventions are tailored and to high standards🏆

Popescu Ana Maria Mihaela

Dr Amalia Anghel is probably the best in her field and the way she takes care of my skin is routinely brilliant. I couldnt recommend her enough. The only doctor I trust to be around my skin EVER! And the location is so great too, following all the requirements for COVID and all. Just a... Read more „Dr Amalia Anghel is probably„

Romeo Visca

Dr Amalia Anghel the best doctor in Romania for everything skin, beauty and treatments to make your face flawless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful treatments that have had fantastic results but also for the particularly serious problem I had with moles.
Thank you Skinmed!!!! Place... Read more „Dr Amalia Anghel most„

Sonia Trifan

The most welcoming clinic I've seen, state of the art equipment and super cool staff. I highly recommend SkinMed!

Gabrie Nedelcu

Dr. Amalia is an amazing professional and person... she helped me a lot especially after I came back from the Dominican Republic where I stayed for a few months and had skin problems.

Stoica Alexandru

We noticed from the beginning the professionalism, the way of working and the state-of-the-art technology. The result of the first procedure I had here was exceptional and the confidence the staff conveyed to me won me over instantly. Thank you to all the team I have worked with and will continue to work with (because Skinmed is the clinic where I... Read more „I have noticed since„

Otvos Ana Maria

Skinmed is for me the place to pamper myself and especially the only clinic where I have managed to find procedures that suit me. I am very pleased with the results every time I come and Dr Amalia Anghel is wonderful.
Thank you Skinmed for taking care of my skin ❤️

Cristina Constantinescu

I have used the services of SkinMed clinic for permanent hair removal and I am more than satisfied! I've solved my unwanted hair problem for good (and I plan to stick to my once-a-year maintenance sessions too!), all pain-free and in a pleasant, ultra-clean and Covid-safe atmosphere. At the same time, I also did a body contouring program... Read more „I have called upon the services of the clinic„

Navi Grigore

I turned to the Skinmed clinic for hyaluronic acid lip augmentation, being the first experience of this kind. I can say that Dr. Amalia Anghel was the right choice for me!

Irina Mateescu

amalia anghel - skinmed

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Beating acne together

An acne treatment that works! When we talk about acne patients, we're exclusively talking about treatments that are customized for each individual! The causes of acne are different, each patient's lifestyle is different, everyone's body reacts differently and therefore we can only tackle the disease if we think of the patient first! We've brought these resources together, along with our well-trained medical staff, under one umbrella so that we can treat any case of acne.