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WAS MANUAL ULTIMATE is an exclusively manual surgical technique, with the extraction of the wires being performed only manually and implantation with state-of-the-art implanters. 

Thanks to this technique, the survival rate of implanted wires is over 95%.

The advantages are multiple and far superior to any other method, ranking it first in the ranking of hair implant surgery.

In our clinic we use exclusively the WAS MANUAL ULTIMATE, which requires only manual extraction of grafts, without the use of motorised devices, and implantation with implanters LION state-of-the-art. 

Compared to other methods, ULTIMATE FUE is differentiated by the natural result with implanters and the lack of lesions in the donor area caused by motorised devices. This manual method is much more expensive than other surgical alternatives, but also has many more benefits for the patient in terms of outcome.

Two of the many benefits  are more important:

(inferior methods use circular scalpel, being inserted with forceps, the staples cannot be implanted at the natural angles of the hairs).

For a correct diagnosis,  your doctor will examine you and recommend some tests:


In our clinic only use ULTIMATE FUE manual implantation method both in the extraction of the wires and their implantation using premium materials on the world market.

Treatments  medical:

After establishing the prognosis and the evolution of the disease, the following is developed therapeutic protocol. In this way we guarantee excellent and predictable results.

At an initial visit, the patient is examined both in terms of the appearance of the scalp and hair and the general state of health. During this consultation, the condition and density of the hairs are objectively assessed using the dedicated equipment of the trichology practice.

Questions frequent

The preparatory consultation plays an extremely important role. Following the consultation, a patient history is taken, with emphasis on the patient's state of health and possible previous allergic reactions. The degree of alopecia, the area of the donor area and the cause of the hair loss are assessed. The step-by-step procedure is explained to the patient and the hairline is established for a natural look.             

In our clinic we practice hair transplantation using the FUE ULTIMATE method, a premium technique exclusively manual. The advantages of this technique are numerous, including

  • manual graft-by-graft extraction - lack of visible scars - natural appearance of the implanted wires. The procedure consists of hair trimming in the clinic, local anaesthesia, pre- and post-operative medical treatment, exclusively manual graft-by-graft harvesting, preservation of the grafts in specific conditions and special solutions and then implantation with state-of-the-art implanters in the natural angle and direction of the hair.                                               

Depending on the area to be covered and the difficulty of each case, the surgery takes between 4 and 7 hours a day. It can be one or two days.

In complex cases the procedure can be repeated after about 8 or 9 months.                                           

The procedure is painless, with local anaesthesia at both the extraction and implantation sites.                                   

It is important preoperatively that the patient does not consume coffee and alcohol a few days before. If the patient is using anti-inflammatory or other anti-aggregating or anticoagulant drugs the doctor should be informed. For a natural and complication-free evolution of the surgery, some simple guidelines should be followed:

  • During the first three days after the hair transplant, Ringer's solution should be sprayed on the recipient area every 30 minutes except during the sleep period.
  • On the third day after the medical intervention, the recipient area should be washed with shampoo for children's hygiene, using circular movements.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for at least one week - Avoid strenuous exercise for 14 days.
  • Avoid swimming for 14 days - avoid the use of chemical products (hair mousse, wax, paint) for 30 days - avoid the sauna for 3 months.                       

The costs of the intervention are determined according to several factors: complexity of the intervention, recipient area, quality of the hairs. It should be borne in mind that in our clinic we practice an advanced hair implant technique, not using other inferior techniques.


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