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Hair loss is a major problem for those affected, even if it occurs in the absence of health conditions.

Alopecia has various causes, and consultation with your dermatologist is the first step towards a cure. There is even a special machine that takes a series of detailed photographs of the hair, revealing the anatomical underlying problems.

Trichoscopy is performed at SkinMed with the dermatoscope PhotoFinder, the best in its field.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive method that involves the direct administration of medication to areas affected by hair loss.

A complex of pharmaceutical substances (vasodilators, vitamins, bioactive substances, etc.) tailored to each patient and each particular form of alopecia is injected intradermally into the affected areas.

The micro-stitches are mildly painful and the medication gradually diffuses throughout the treated anatomical area.
The needles used are extremely small in length (2-4 mm) and very thin. They also use 1 ml syringes, so that the pressure with which the cocktail of substances is injected is not too high and causes pain.

The number of sessions and the frequency with which they are carried out are determined by the dermatologist in direct relation to the diagnosis and is adapted according to the patient's response to the procedure.

On average, 5-7 sessions are recommended, performed 7-14 days apart.

It is a short (30-45 minutes), safe procedure that does not require local anaesthesia or other preparation on the part of the patient.

Adverse reactions are minimal and are most commonly minimal discomfort at the site of the sting, which passes within 2-3 hours maximum.

Mesotherapy is a new treatment method in the field of dermatological diseases that can have notable effects in all forms of hair loss and, moreover, can give results in cases where traditional therapies have failed, or associated with them for some cases.

The choice of a therapeutic/treatment option must be personalised for the most effective outcome, and this can only be achieved after a correct diagnosis of the types of alopecia.

Package Scalp Mesotherapy

  • 1. Scalp mesotherapy package 4 + 1 sessions
    2.200,00 lei
  • 2. Scalp mesotherapy package 5 + 2 sessions
    2.750,00 lei
  • 3. Scalp mesotherapy session
    550,00 lei

Questions frequent

Mesotherapy addresses a wide range of conditions, including post-acne scarring, facial hyperpigmentation, alopecia in both women and men, cellulite, localized obesity, stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines, and facial rejuvenation.

Hair loss can occur regardless of gender, in both men and women, often as a result of hormonal imbalances (onset of menopause, autoimmune thyroiditis), metabolic disorders or as a result of high levels of stress in daily life. Mesotherapy injects the scalp with a cocktail of substances to stimulate vascularisation and local growth factors, which will stop hair loss and stimulate hair regeneration.

This is done either manually, using a syringe and a small needle, or with a special device using micro needles.

The procedure is carried out safely, the solutions used are applied directly to the site of action, thus minimising side effects, allergies and drug interactions.
The method can be used as an alternative to surgical procedures in the treatment of alopecia, while avoiding the discomfort of prolonged recovery time, lengthy bandage/ dressing and anaesthesia. After the mesotherapy procedure, the patient can resume daily activities.

Performed regularly, mesotherapy sessions on the scalp will result in reducing or stopping hair loss, stimulating hair regeneration, regaining density and restoring the structure.

Mesotherapy sessions are performed on the scalp every 2-3 weeks, depending on the dermatologist's recommendations, with an average of 5 treatment sessions required.

The appearance of the results varies depending on the underlying condition treated, on average they are visible after 2-3 sessions, 2 months after the first treatment session. To maintain results, after a series of 5 sessions, maintenance sessions will be necessary, usually 1-2 per year.

Most commonly, small bruises may appear at the injection site, but these will heal within a week on average. There may also be some discomfort in the treated area, usually lasting 24-48 hours.

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