Microneedling - a solution for stretch marks, acne and cellulite

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Microneedling is a form of mesotherapy, which is performed with a specialised device instead of the traditional syringe. It is a device, using an 11-needle system, which is easy to remove, hygienic and very economical.

The needles have a variable penetration length of 0.25-2.5 mm, with a firing rate of 84 cycles/sec, inducing 935 microchannels/sec.

These are the safest, sterile, fastest and most effective transcutaneous penetrating devices on the market, which help to permeabilise the skin for the substances used, but also produce a rapidly reversible traumatic injury, to which the tegument responds with epithelialisation/remodelling.

A cocktail of substances, previously premixed by the doctor, is applied locally to the skin to be absorbed and produce the desired clinical effect.

Microchannels plays two extremely important roles in dermatology:



A number of sessions are recommended, approx. 5-8, spaced 7 days apart. At the end of these, regular maintenance sessions are recommended (monthly or quarterly). It is a painless procedure, with significant visible effects from session to session, sustained over time.

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