With SKINMED CLINIC, Centre of Excellence in Dermatology Bucharest, youth persists well into old age! Because we want to pleasantly surprise our patients every time, for this summer we have prepared super-promotions: gift vouchers and discounts for the most sought-after services available at Skinmed Clinic.


Skinmed Clinic offers you substantial discounts on injectables in the run-up to the holidays. Now you can look fabulous this Christmas & New Year with "All Face Lift non-surgical", forgetting about wrinkles and signs of old age with the safest and most effective injection techniques and substances! With 500 lei discount for each facial area  - we can turn back the clock by 10-15 years!

Promotion period: 1 November - 31 December 2022.

Femilift Premium

FREE consultation + 50% discount

  • at the first Femilift laser session = 1.100 lei
  • + 50% transvaginal ultrasound discount = 165 lei


Discover the 5 gynaecological service packages, prepared especially for you, so that you are always healthy!

Healthy Lady Premium - For the compulsory annual gynaecological assessment, which includes the main tests, you benefit from a substantial discount.

* Because Breasts beautiful means healthy breasts, we invite you to a screening with one of the Skinmed clinic specialists, at an extremely attractive price: 219 lei instead of 440 lei!

Perfect Lady Premium - If you want a full gynaecological assessment, you can take advantage of the current offer, saving approx. 400 lei.

Forever Young Premium- Take advantage of the 20% discount for any gynecological aesthetic service if you purchased one of the following services at Skinmed Clinic: laser hair removal or body contouring with Accent Prime!

Aesthetics gynecological with Femitight - Femilift

If you are among the women who experience unpleasant sensations in the genital area, decreased sexual satisfaction or involuntary loss of urine, CO2 laser rejuvenation is the solution. Skinmed Clinic offers you Rejuvenate Femilift/Femitight 3+1 (you pay for 3 sessions, one is on the house)!

For any further details you can contact us at 0786.356.361 or to: office@skin-med.ro.

We look forward to seeing you at Skinmed Clinic, Centre of Excellence in Dermatology Bucharest!