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Until recently, facials were predominantly found in beauty salons. Technology developed in recent years has produced medical equipment that is useful for both ladies and gentlemen with normal skin, but also for those suffering from couperose or rosacea.

The machine Oxy Geneo replaced in just 20 minutes, cosmetic treatments that would take hours and last for weeks.

It combines microdermabrasion, creams, virtual mesotherapy and facial massage in a unique concept that uses the body's natural mechanism to oxygenate the skin from within.

This happens by triggering a reaction in the body that directs oxygen to the treated area, allowing optimal absorption of regenerating nutrients.

Also, Geneo cleanses and exfoliates the outer layer of the skin.

The combination of skin oxygenation and exfoliation work together to re-energise, restore radiance and create a nourished, balanced and healthy complexion.

Basically, the treatment has two phases, in the same session. First, a nutrient-rich gel is applied to the face and a mineral capsule with abrasive properties will generate a gentle exfoliation process.

As the procedure proceeds, the mineral elements in the capsule dissolve into the gel, forming carbon dioxide, which in turn penetrates the skin. This process also has the effect of reflexively stimulating capillary circulation, which brings more oxygen to the skin.

Result obtained: optimal absorption of active ingredients into the skin

Oxy Geneo performs as follows three vital actions for the complexion:

As a result, skin texture is more refined and nourished, overall the complexion is smoother and brighter, and at the same time balanced, radiant.

The mineral capsules used are of three kinds, produced in Israel, a country renowned for its performance in the field of cosmetics and aesthetics:


Dedicated to overall skin rejuvenation, they work to infuse the skin with active nutrients that improve skin balance and texture.

Your complexion will look and feel smoother, firmer, nourished and "reborn".


It's an innovative combination of quality ingredients to nourish skin and make it glow. Gentle and highly effective formula NeoBright infuses the skin with natural emollients, moisturising vitamins and skin nourishing vitamins.

It's a great way to brighten and brighten skin while improving texture, balancing the complexion and achieving a radiant, healthy glow.

oxy geneo - skinmed

Geneo Balance Charcoal Facial

Geneo BALANCE: A charcoal-based facial treatment, Geneo Balance purifies and smoothes oily skin and helps improve its appearance and texture.

Geneo Balance OxyPod contains bamboo charcoal for a detoxifying effect, camu-camu extract high in vitamins and antioxidants and mandelic acid to help treat acne-prone skin. Geneo Balancing Serum complements the treatment effect with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and purifying ingredients (salicylic acid, peptides, jojoba and argan oil, vanilla and horsetail extract), as well as an azelaic acid derivative.

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Oxygeneo is an innovative wet dermabrasion facial treatment (removing the layer of dead skin cells from the skin's surface) that improves the oxygenation of the complexion while delivering moisturising and rejuvenating substances to the skin. The results are visible from the first treatment session, with patients enjoying cleaner, smoother, suppler skin.

Oxygeneo combines 3 facial treatments in one device. Simultaneously, it provides gentle exfoliation, oxygenates tissues and rejuvenates the complexion by delivering active ingredients to the skin.

A specially designed capsule exfoliates the stratum corneum of the skin, removing dead skin cells from the surface, smoothing the skin and preparing it for the active ingredients contained in the serums used (anti-aging and rejuvenating active ingredients - NeoRevive; and brightening and texture-enhancing ingredient - NeoBright). Oxygeneo also produces CO2 bubbles that create a physiological response of tissue oxygenation, improving capillary flow and promoting optimal absorption of active ingredients.

The complexion will be clearer, brighter, more hydrated, pores will become visibly smaller; Oxygeneo also smoothes fine lines, has a rejuvenating effect and improves skin texture.

NeoBright contains azelaic acid and kojic acid to improve and even out the appearance and retinol for anti-aging.
NeoRevine contains hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, peptides and retinol to stimulate collagen production.

A treatment session lasts about 20 minutes. After this, the skin may be slightly flushed, but the redness fades quickly after a few hours (1-2). It is safe for all skin types, painless and can be used even on sensitive skin.
Series of 4-6 treatment sessions are recommended, spaced 1-4 weeks apart; it can also be combined with other anti-aging procedures to achieve the desired results.

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