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Description and  the need for the procedure:

Facial treatment is an absolutely necessary care ritual to be carried out once a month in the beauty office, in addition to the daily care at home, after a certain age.

We know that skin is the largest organ of the body, which, in optimal health, regenerates every 28 days. Facial skin in particular is our calling card and needs special care. 

If up to the age of 20 the only problems affecting the skin are related to excess sebum and/or skin sensitivity, as time goes by, we may face other issues. 

After the age of 30, the process of cell regeneration slows down and the first expression wrinkles appear, which, after the age of 50, due to hormonal changes in the body and without proper care, will settle permanently.

Other factors that negatively influence the appearance of the face are environmental factors, pollution, smoking, stress, a disordered lifestyle .
To counteract the effects of the above, special attention to the skin of the face is needed. 

In addition to proper care at home, once a month you need a facial treatment performed by a specialist, who will use products with a high concentration of active ingredients necessary for your skin type.

Types of  facials:

Depending on the type of skin treated, special products will be used for:

Stages of a  cosmetic treatment:

- Demolition

- Exfoliating and preparing the skin for eventual cleansing

- Extraction, if necessary (comedones, blackheads, milia points)

- Soothing the complexion with special products

- Facial massage

- Applying a facial mask specific to your skin type

- Apply a finishing cream with a sun protection factor specific to your skin type.

Questions frequent

By applying concentrated products dedicated to each skin type, we manage to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

  • both women and men after the age of 30, when the cell regeneration process slows down and the natural production of collagen and elastin gradually decreases, the skin starts to lose its tone and elasticity;
  • adults of all ages who have specific problems with oily, dry or sensitive skin.

 Cosmetic treatment is indicated once every 4 weeks.

Until the next office visit, follow 2 essential skin care steps at home, both morning and evening: cleansing and applying the recommended serums/cream for your skin type.

  • in the case of skin with excess sebum, extraction is needed to unclog the pores;
  • products used in the office have a higher concentration of active ingredients than those at home and are better absorbed into the skin through the massage procedure.

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