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4 Reasons Men Consider

Laser Hair Removal

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Growing hair is something that each one of us is dealing with every day. The same goes to the hair removal as, either for men or women, we all have areas of unwanted hair. The ways to get rid from them are many but only one is permanent, fast and medical approved. And that is laser hair removal

epilare laser barbati - skinmed clinic

When shaved, a sharp point is left on the tip of the hair. If you have curly hair you might experience to have this sharp tip to curve back and pierce the skin. The medical term for this cause of PFB is “Transfollicular Penetration.”

This can lead to unsightly dark spots and it can take many months for them to fade.

With laser we can free the man from this issue and offer him a smooth and hairless skin in the chosen areas

epilare laser barbati - skinmed clinic

Often men have hair to many – unwanted – areas of their body such as the back, the shoulders, the chest or even the legs.

Few laser sessions will set a man free from this unwanted condition and will help him enjoy his body and his appearance in the way he desires

epilare laser barbati - skinmed clinic

Men’s beard is prone to wildness and for those who take care of their face, this means a lot of time wasted every day to have it well shaped. And more of this, unfortunately we cannot escape from this hassle as beards grow back.

The only permanent solution to get rid of this daily concern is to laser the hair in the undesired area.

epilare laser barbati - skinmed clinic
Athletes need to get rid of the hair in many parts of their body. This need has several reasons: to reduce the effect of drag, to speed the healing of wounds, to enhance muscle definition, and for the general aesthetic look. Shaving or any other non permanent solutions are just a waste of time. The latest laser devices can offer permanent results in just a few sessions and save tremendous amount of time every day.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The mechanism of action is represented by an association of specific wavelengths for melanin, the pigment which determines the colour of the hair and skin, which are absorbed by the bulb (root) of the hair, leading to the irreversible destruction of the hair follicles. The patented mechanisms by Alma like SHR (Super Hair Elimination) works in movement and cooling during the procedure, thus increasing the safety of the procedure and the patient comfort.

The growth of the hairs is a cyclical process, alternating the growth and the resting phases. 

At a moment in time, hair follicles can be in all 3 stages of growth in the same time. There are 3 stages of growth: anagen, catagen and telogen. 

Once the growth of the hair is finished, this can restart to grow and a brand new hair follicle will form.

Trio Technology (3D):

With the use of the latest high-end devices, Laser Hair Removal can be suitable for all skin colors / skin types as well as for all the parts of the face and body for both men and women

The hair follicle grows in cycles:

  • first phase (anagen phase) represents the growth of the hair;

  • second phase – the catagen phase is the regression phase;

  • third phase – telogen phase is the resting phase.  

For us, working with the best devices is the only way to achieve best results

In our clinic, we chose not to compromise with the quality of the devices.
For this we have decided to invest in the best, high-end technology.

Benefits & Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

epilare definitva cu laser soprano ice titanium platinum - skinmed clinic

Permanent Hair Reduction over 95%

epilare definitva cu laser soprano ice titanium platinum - skinmed clinic

Can be used for every area of the body and the face

epilare definitva cu laser soprano ice titanium platinum - skinmed clinic

Thanks to the Quattro Technology, we cover large areas in few minutes

epilare definitva cu laser soprano ice titanium platinum - skinmed clinic

Painless treatment thanks to the ICE Plus™ Continuous Cooling System

epilare definitva cu laser soprano ice titanium platinum - skinmed clinic

Suitable for all Skin & Hair types

epilare definitva cu laser soprano ice titanium platinum - skinmed clinic

Effective treatment all year long, even for tanned skins

epilare definitva cu laser soprano ice titanium platinum - skinmed clinic

Works perfectly for all Ethnicities Ages

epilare definitva cu laser soprano ice titanium platinum - skinmed clinic

Impressive results for Men & Women

We love to educate our friends…

Laser hair removal involves the process of hair removal by exposing the hair follicles to laser light pulses that target them. This process leads to the irreversible destruction of the hair follicles by a significant percentage. The mechanism of action is represented by a specific wavelength for melanin, the pigment that determines the color of the hair and skin, with maximum absorption at the level of the bulb (root) of the hair, leading to its destruction in a significant percentage. Laser hair removal started with IPL, non-selective wavelength with limited absorption on the hair follicle, so we can stat that laser treatments have innovated the methods of hair removal. The diode laser is the most used, having ideal wavelengths such as Alexandrite 755 nm, Diode 810 nm and YAG 1064 nm, with absorption in the dermis and epidermis for the destruction of the highest number of hair follicles and the protection of the superficial layer of the epidermis.

The pulsed intense light (IPL) laser has as target chromophores both melanin and hemoglobin, with non-selective wavelength 500-1000 nm and absorption in the dermal hair follicles, but also in the epidermis, with the risk of adverse effects. Laser treatments are adapted to the depth of the hair follicles to destroy the vast majority of them, and absorption in the epidermis is limited,so the risk of adverse reactions is minimal, and can be used for the tanned skin and for light colored strands.

Anyone can perform this treatment to remove unwanted hair. There are also medical indications such as folliculitis associated with classical hair removal techniques or medical conditions such as hypertrichosis (presence of excess hair) or hirsutism (presence of male hair loss in areas where there is not normally such as facial hair).

Soprano Titanium is the state-of-the-art laser technology, world-renowned, with the highest efficiency for hair removal. It has a Quatro 3D end, a new, unique, and efficient applicator, with a spot size of 4 cm2, for faster treatments and a more pleasant experience for the patient. The embedded technology is 3D Trio wavelengths including 755 nm Alexandrite, 810 nm Diode and 1064 nm Nd-YAG to target all hair follicles.

Alma Lasers patented the SHR working technique with efficient cooling of the epidermis and working on the move to deliver sufficient energy per unit area.

ICE plus is an advanced technology that continuously cools the skin and facilitates a controlled and uncomfortable temperature associated with the patient throughout the treatment. Thus, patients will have a pain-free or heat / burn experience throughout the session, while ensuring the best clinical outcomes.

Soprano Titanium is effective for all skin types (including tanned / dark skin) and all types of hair (including thin and blond hair).

Hair growth is a cyclical process, alternating the resting phases with the activity ones. At the same time, the hairs are in different stages of growth.

  • The first phase – the anagen phase – represents a period of rapid growth of the hair. During this period, the hair is formed and migrates outward until its definitive formation. During the anagen phase, the hair grows by 1 cm per month. The longer the duration of this phase, the more hair will grow. About 85-90% of the hair on the scalp is in the anagen phase at some point.

  • The second phase – the catagen phase – lasts for 2 weeks, during which the hair follicle shrinks due to disintegration and the papillae decrease in size. While the hair does not grow in this phase, the length of the terminal hairs increases due to the follicle pushing them up.
  • The last phase is the telogen phase or the rest phase. The hair follicle remains in a dormant state for one to four months. 10-15% of the scalp hairs are in this growth phase at a given time. This phase results in the normal hair loss.

TRIO technology, included in the SOPRANO applicator, guarantees the destruction of over 95% of the hair follicles, a result proven by histology studies. For large areas (such as the lower limbs or the arms) a periodicity between sessions of 6-8 weeks is recommended, and for small areas (facial or armpit) 4-6 weeks. On average, it is recommended to carry out 6-8 sessions per treatment area, with maintenance at 6-12 months.

Yes, the hair follicles are irreversibly destroyed in a percentage of over 95%, but over the years new hair follicles can appear and maintenance sessions are required for 6 months to 1 year.

The QUATRO technology is patented by Alma Laser, being the only laser with an applicator of 4 cm2 which considerably reduces the working time, especially for large areas, such as the lower limbs. If until now this procedure lasts 60-90 minutes, now the time is halved and the patient must spend in the cabinet 30-40 minutes. For small areas, the time is between 10-20 minutes. After optimizing the efficiency by combining the three most efficient wavelengths, the working time has now been optimized, reducing by half.

For the state-of-the-art Soprano Titanium / Platinum technology, the ICE plus patent minimizes the risk of burning to the skin surface, while keeping the heat in the dermis where the hair follicles are targeted. While the end cools the skin surface, it prevents superficial burns and the sensation of pain.

The melanocytic lesions should be initially visualized with the dermatoscope, to be covered during the treatment. The risk of transformation of the lesions is raised only when the treated skin suffers post-treatment burns. Side effects are rare, among them being erythema, irritation or pigmentation changes, these being the most common.

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