Moles excision, routine treatment

Skinmed Clinic offers you a medical team, specialized in dermosurgery services and a large range of excisional treatments for (removing) the benignant or malignant skin lesions (nevi/moles, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, etc.) in excellent technical conditions, by complying with the asepsis rules and risk limitation.

The work environment is complying with the international rules regarding the asepsis and the surgical techniques are adapted to each patient, depending on the anatomical placement or the individual, tumoral or personal specifics.

The post surgical aesthetic aspect is of concern to us; therefore, we adapt the excision and suture methods for obtaining a barely visible scar.

Each of the skin lesions coming to our attention are initially clinically and dermatoscopically examined, for a definite or suspected diagnosis that further dictates the right therapeutic action to be taken, which can be a biopsy test (shave, punch or excisional biopsy) with histopathological examination or surgical excision, with safety limits and histopathological examination.

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Thus, we can take samples of biopsy material for further histopathological examination, for the purpose of obtaining a clear diagnosis of the patient pathology, thus performing a targeted and efficient treatment. 

It is of major importance to understand how the prevention mechanisms work in the dermatology area, and how important the early detection of the malignant melanoma is and that the surgical excision is curative and life saving. 

Thus, we take down the preconceptions regarding the surgical excision of the skin lesions and we understand the need of such excision for the curative (healing) purpose.


Your dermatologist will recommend surgical removal of a nevus in one of the following cases: upon clinical and dermatoscopic examination the nevus shows signs of risk and should be excised for a precise histopathological diagnosis, but also as a method of treatment; upon the clinical and dermatoscopic examination, the nevus presents itself as potentially dangerous and its excision is requested for avoiding repeated controls; the nevus sticks out as compared to the surrounding skin and is often irritated by clothing or jewelry; the nevus is aesthetically unpleasant and you want to remove it.

After a medical exam and a dermatoscopic examination of the lesion, your doctor may recommend the excision of a nevus. During the procedure, the area will be numbed with a local anesthetic, followed by the excision of the lesion and skin suture. The excised lesion can be sent to a laboratory for a histopathological analysis.

After the excision of a nevus, at the level of the treated area a slight feeling of tension can be felt for a short period of time. Also, for a period of one to two weeks, you will wear a dressing / patch, and you will have to go back to the clinic to change it and remove the suture yarns. After removing them, your doctor will recommend that you avoid sun exposure or that you use a scarring cream.

Clinicians of Skinmed Clinic are specialists with experience in dermatological surgery, who will ensure that the scars left behind are minimal. This depends on several factors, such as cutaneous phototype, location of the lesion, and specific scarring of each patient.

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