Moles mapping: the solution for early detection of malignant melanoma

Imagine your skin as a landscape. Total Body Mapping photographs the entire surface of the skin. We use a hi-tech system for creating a map of your moles (“body map”).
The photographs are made systematically – from head to toes in pre-established positions – in a couple of minutes. The purpose of this examination is the prevention of the most fearful skin cancer, the melanoma. The FotoFinder Total Body Mapping examination is indicated, in particular, to the patients at risk of developing skin malignant melanoma. And the question is: Am I a patient at risk?

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harta dermatologica fotofinder - skinmed
harta dermatologica fotofinder - skinmed

Thanks to the FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM system a full body map can be made, in a quick, easy and exact manner. 

The camera moves automatically up and down, obtaining perfectly illuminated images using the BodyFlash system. 

The photographed area visible on the screen and the captured images are automatically stored in the patient’s database. 

During a subsequent scanning, the FotoFinder BodyScan system automatically compares the new images with those from the database and identifies the new lesions or any changes occurred on the old ones. 

All the clinical and dermatoscopic images are captured with the FotoFinder Medicam 1000 HD new camera, which presents the dermatoscopic images in a polarized and non-polarized light, depending on the followed-up structures, for a further accurate reevaluation, usually every three months.

harta dermatologica fotofinder - skinmed
This examination represents the golden standard in monitoring the nevi/moles due to the comparison, in identical technical conditions and in detecting the slightest changes, otherwise clinically undetectable, helping the dermatoscopic evaluation to be 100% relevant and beneficial, and the incipient melanoma detection to be possible.

With the help of the FotoFinder Total Body Mapping examination we manage to accomplish:

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If you notice any change at the skin level, schedule an urgent meeting for the FotoFinder!

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The dermatoscopic map or total body scan is indicated for patients with multiple lesions (over 100 nevi on the whole body or over 11 located on the forearm), lesions that are hardly accessible for self-examination, patients with a history of abnormal lesions, atypical nevi, personal or familial antecedents of melanoma or other skin cancer. 

For patients with no lesions at risk, body scanning should be performed annually to be an effective screening test. If during the dermatoscopy your doctor determines that some lesions are at high risk, he or she will decide to dermatoscopically re-evaluate you in shorter periods of time (3-6 months), depending on the history of the lesions and the history of each patient.

At Skinmed Clinic, you will be examined by a specialist dermatologist with training and experience in the field of dermatoscopy using top-of-the-range ATBM (Automated Total Body Mapping). Full body scanning will be done after a medical exam with your dermatologist, who will determine whether it is appropriate for you, will answer your questions and any concerns you may have, and then determine the frequency of re-evaluations, as well as the steps to take in the case of any suspect lesions.

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