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Both normal, physiological and excess hair (medically called hypertrichosis), or that occurring in anatomical areas normally lacking hair when it comes to women (called hirsutism), are indications for laser hair removal. 

Hypertrichosis and hirsutism are conditions associated with endocrine syndromes in which we experience hyperandrogenism, and such conditions require a multidisciplinary approach (dermatologist, endocrinologist) for the correction of the underlying disease that resulted in hypertrichosis or hirsutism, the treatment indication being laser hair removal for all such cases. 

The Platinum soprano laser from Alma Lasers, one of the world’s largest medical laser reseller, has numerous clinical trials that show a very high efficacy (95-98%) with irreversible destruction of hair and a high safety profile against burning risk, which allows them to be used even in the case of light-tone hair and tanned skin at any time of the year, including summer.

The results of laser hair removal are remarkable, being visible from the first session. On average, 6 to 10 sessions, spaced every 4 weeks in the case of small areas (facial, axial, arm) and 8 weeks for the lower limb area, are required.

Any person, regardless of skin type and hair color, can benefit from this extremely valuable technique for permanently reducing hairiness. It is dedicated to both women and men!

It is a painless procedure with built-in cooling, and Alma has incorporated into this device a patented SHR (Super Hair Removal) technique, based on which the total amount of energy is delivered to the moving surface unit, so cooling can be achieved efficiently and the session duration is reduced to half, compared to previous technologies. 

Soprano Platinum is the most complete and effective hair removal solution known so far, and if until recently the light-tone hair and tanned skin were two of the most known limitations when it came to definitive hair removal, this new technology succeeds in making them unrivaled advantages. 

Soprano Ice removes, without any problem, the blond and thin hair and the sessions can be performed regardless of the season, with results uninfluenced by the tanned skin we all enjoy so much. 

The hair removal session can be carried out during summer, including on tanned skin!

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