Facial massage


Facial massage is a pleasant and relaxing therapy, with multiple benefits on skin tone and beauty of the face, neck and neck. In addition to the benefits offered to the skin, facial massage also helps to achieve a general well-being, reduces stress, headaches, migraines. The procedure requires special techniques and is recommended to be performed by the specialist as a separate therapy or within the cosmetic treatments.

Benefits of  the procedure:

How long does  a facial massage last?

A facial massage session lasts 20 minutes, no more, otherwise the effects obtained being at the opposite pole of the desired ones, by overloading the skin and muscles on the face.

At what time  can I do facial massage?

The facial massage procedure can be done 2-3 times a week.

When is facial  massage not indicated?

Facial massage can not be done in case of skin with acne, psoriasis, eczema, open wounds. In these cases the skin problems can get worse. Also, the procedure is not indicated immediately after injections with botox or hyaluronic acid.


 For the treatment of active acne, the Clear Skin laser takes two main actions:

  • it reduces the Propionibacterium acnes type flora by altering the bacterial cellular membrane
  • it reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, which will release less and more fluid sebum.

At the clinical level these effects will translate into reducing hyperseborrhea, comedones, pore size and inflammatory acne lesions.

At the same time, those micro-pulses of energy cause  a healing reaction with the synthesis of collagen and elastin, correcting post-acne scars, pigmented spots, erythematous spots, dilated pores and generally creating a finer, more uniform, more aesthetic skin.

Clear Skin laser is used in the aesthetic dermatology for several types of conditions: acne, post acne scars, dilated pores, vascular affections, hyperpigmentation.

The protocol includes a series of 4-6 sessions, at 2 weeks intervals and can be integrated in complex treatment protocols.

A treatment session lasts 30 minutes, does not require anesthesia, the patients feeling a sensation of heat and slight stinging.

Unlike other acne treatments (chemical peeling, fractioned CO2 laser, microneedling) the patient can return to her/his daily activities as the skin has not been affected and has no need for healing time.

 The results become visible 3-4 weeks after commencing the treatment.

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