Mesotherapy, an efficient treatment for hair loss

Hair loss is a true problem for the person affected by it, even if is not the result of a disease affecting the general state of health.

Alopecia has various causes, and the examination by the dermatologist is the first step to healing. There is a special instrument that takes a series of detailed photographs of the hair, revealing anatomical under layer problems. 

At SkinMed trichoscopy is carried out with FotoFinder dermatoscope, the best in the field.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive method that involves the direct administration of medicines at the level of the areas affected by the hair loss. 

A mix of pharmaceutical substances (vasodilators, vitamins, bioactive substances etc.) adapted for each patient and for each form of alopecia in particular, is administered by intradermal injection at the level of the affected areas. 

The micro-shots are slightly painful and the medicines are released gradually in the entire anatomical area undergoing treatment.

The needles used in the procedure are extremely short (2-4 mm) and very thin. Moreover, 1ml syringes are used, for the medicine cocktail injection pressure not to be too high and not to cause pain.

The number and frequency of the sessions for such procedures are determined by the dermatologist, being directly related to the diagnosis and are adapted depending on the patient’s response to this procedure. On average 5-7 sessions are recommended, with a frequency of 7-14 days.

This is a safe and short-lasting procedure (30-45 minutes), not requiring local anesthesia or other preparation from the patient.

The adverse reactions are minimal, usually consisting in a minimum discomfort at the injection shot level that fades away in maximum 2-3 hours.

Mesotherapy is a new method of treatment in the realm of dermatological diseases that can have remarkable effects in all forms of hair loss and moreover, can have positive results in those cases where the classic therapies have failed or can be associated to such classic therapies in certain cases. 

For best results, the choice of a therapeutic treatment must be personalized and this is only possible after a correct diagnosis of the alopecia type.


Mesotherapy addresses a wide range of conditions, including post acne scars, hyperpigmentation of the face, alopecia in both women and men, cellulite, localized obesity, stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines, and facial rejuvenation.

Hair loss can occur regardless of sex, both in men and women, often due to hormonal imbalances (installation of menopause, autoimmune thyroiditis), metabolic disorders or as a result of a high level of stress in everyday life. By mesotherapy, a cocktail of substances is injected into the scalp to stimulate vascularization and local growth factors, resulting in hair loss stopping and stimulating its regeneration.

The procedure is carried out either manually using a small syringe and needle, or with a special device that uses micro needles.

The procedure is performed under safe conditions; the solutions used are applied directly at the site of action, thus minimizing the side effects, allergies and drug interactions.

The method can be used as an alternative to surgical procedures in the treatment of alopecia, while avoiding the discomfort of prolonged recovery, long wearing bandaging / dressing and anesthesia. After the mesotherapy procedure, the patient can resume his / her daily activities. 

If carried out regularly, the sessions of mesotherapy on the scalp will result in diminishing or stopping the hair loss phenomenon, stimulating the regeneration of hair, recapturing their density and rebuilding their structure.

Sessions of mesotherapy at the scalp level are performed at the interval of 2-3 weeks, depending on the recommendations of the dermatologist, requiring an average of 5 treatment sessions.

The results will start to show depending on the condition underlying alopecia; on average they are visible after 2-3 sessions, 2 months after the first treatment session. To maintain the results, after a 5-session cure, maintenance sessions will usually be carried out 1-2 times a year.

The most common are small bruises at the injection site, but they disappear on average over a week. Also, a discomfort in the treated area may occur, generally lasting 24-48 hours.

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