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SkinMed Clinic Bucharest,
your ally in the fight against time and diseases

The basic idea at SkinMed Clinic is that health is a general state of well-being. That is why the clinic provides several medical specialties and complementary therapies, meant to offer modern and efficient solutions for medical and aesthetic problems.

Although we focus on dermatology and cosmetic surgery, our clinic also offers medical experts from various areas:

Moreover, in addition to the classic medical therapies, we have also included a series of methods that, due to the fact that they need to be carried out by medical staff, cannot be carried out in cosmetic and beauty salons:

Moreover, in the clinic we take blood samples but also perform necessary biopsies in the case of skin conditions, and the interpretation of such tests is carried out by an anatomopathologist, with supra-specialization in dermatological pathology obtained in the USA.

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Your skin is your most precious clothing, the one you always wear, no matter the trends. Is your mirror. Is the mirror of your inner and outside balance.

Of the inner and outer balance. Beyond features such as age, color or complexion, your skin is the x-ray of your individual beauty and personality.

Respect it, moisture it adequately, treat it at the right time and offer it the regeneration it deserves! And so your skin will become your business card that will not fail you wherever you go.

This is the philosophy of Skinmed Clinic – Dermatological Centre of Excellence.

Ozone therapy

permanent hair removal

skin map

laser treatment


We have created rejuvenation programs both based on systemic treatments (such as ozone therapy, vitamin C drip feeds, or special cocktails with essential amino acids and glutathione) and local therapies, carried out with the help of the four laser devices we have in the clinic.

From acne marks to aging marks our lasers can turn back the time.

At Skinmed Clinic you will find health, beauty and well-being.