Chronic fatigue

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By using ozone, we will adjust the biological mechanisms in the human body that have suffered from prolonged stress, inadequate diet and sleep deprivation. 

Basically, during ten to twelve major ozone autohemotherapy sessions performed over a period of five to eight weeks, we fix your metabolism through antioxidant levels, we increase immune system activity by inducing a mild stress (a similar mechanism to action with the vaccine principle) and improve peripheral circulation and vital organ oxygenation.

The goal is that in a relatively short time, without affecting your daily activity, to increase your ability to tolerate stress, restore your ability to rest at night, clear your thoughts. In a word, make you feel more “full of energy”!

How Does  Ozone Therapy Work?

100-150ml of blood is harvested in a special sterile kit made in Germany. Then, ozone is introduced into the kit and the blood is thus enriched. 

After that, the kit returns as an infusion, and the ozone blood enters the venous system back in the same way that it has gone out.

Everything takes place in a closed system, close to the patient, under maximum safety conditions. Major autoimmune therapy induces a slight oxidative stress on the body. As a reaction, the amount of antioxidants in the organism increases. 

By direct effect of the ozone secondary messengers, it increases the release of oxygen from the erythrocyte, which leads to a better vascularization of the vital organs.

The brain, the liver, the heart feel an increased oxygen supply, counteracting the degeneration of the circulatory and respiratory system that comes with age.

Also, this release of oxygen into tissues also leads to a process of creating new blood vessels in the respective territories, which further reduces the loss in the vascular area due to aging.

Benefits of  better oxygenation include:

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