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We can fight acne together!

The Skinmed experts with years of experience have teamed up to offer tailor-made acne treatments, with the help of a full range of high-end medical devices and lasers in the new Acne Treatment Center.
acne treatment center by skinmed
Whether we discuss about peelings, laser treatments, microdermabrasion or individualized creams, the combination will offer a personalized therapy. “Each acne case is unique, because the combination of causes that leads to skin involvement differs from one person to another and the lifestyle of each patient is different
acne treatment center by skinmed

Therefore, we propose a personalized approach in the landscape of dermatological treatments. Patients who visit ATC will be evaluated in details, will complete questionnaires specially designed to identify the causes acne for their skin and will receive a complete treatment plan, which will be developed both at Skinmed Clinic and at home. The existing lesions will be registered using photographs and filled and the monitoring of the evolution will be done in an integrated system” says Dr. Anghel Amalia, founder of the Skinmed Clinic.

Absolutely all the treatments that are developed within the proposed treatment plan are carried out by specialized medical staff, doctors and nurses, in order to control any possible side effects that can appear. Each patient will receive a detailed, personalized and individualized treatment plan depending on the clinical type of acne.

“We want to restore the good appearance of the skin and self-confidence of those who have struggled with acne for years, of those who have tried dozens of therapies and have not had any results so far! Therapies lead to poor results if they do not integrate well in the patient’s lifestyle or do not target the causes that led to the exacerbation of acne. All our treatment protocols will be personalized, and the time spent explaining to patients their importance and mechanism of action will contribute to the success achieved!” adds Dr. Anghel.

acne treatment center by skinmed
And, after the fight with acne will be won, procedures for removing the signs of this “war” with acne, post-acne scars, will also be offered within the Acne Treatment Center. The ultra-high performance lasers allow us to obtain a luminous and healthy skin, even though in the past this skin was acneic and difficult to resolve.
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