Vaginal rejuvenation and intimate area laser depigmentation

What is the hyperpigmentation  of the genital area?

Hyperpigmentation of the genital area is the darkening of the skin of the genital and peri-genital area (vulvar, perineal, perianal, inguinal and inner thighs). 

It is caused by the genetic predisposition to hyperpigmentation (excess secretion of melanin, brown skin pigment), hormones, pregnancy, friction, area epilation, sun exposure, and aging.

How does the laser depigmentation  of the genital area work?

Although there are available different types of genial area depigmentation procedures (depigmentation lotions, chemical peelings, IPL), the laser depigmentation is the most efficient, quicker and with permanent results.

In the Skinmed clinic we use for the genital area depigmentation a Femilift Pixel state of the art CO2 laser. This type of laser generates fractioned laser emissions that, depending on the patient’s requirements, can penetrate and stimulate the skin for obtaining a lighter, younger, firmer, and more aesthetical skin.

The areas that can be treated are the vulvar, perineal (area between the vagina and anus), perianal, inguinal and inner thighs areas.

femilift - rejuvenarea vaginala - skinmed

How is the laser genital area  treatment carried out?

Before performing the procedure an initial medical exam with the dermatologist is carried out for evaluating the area to be treated and for identifying the potential cases representing “no go” for the procedure. 

Based on the initial medical exam, the treatment plan is established – usually 3-4 sessions at 4-6 weeks for optimum results.

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The procedure only requires local anesthesia in the form of lotion, does not require bed rest, the patient returns to his / her daily activities on the same day. The procedure lasts 30-45 minutes.

After the procedure, the doctor recommends some care products, no sexual intercourse for 3-5 days without exposure to the sun for 3 months and waxing is prohibited.

The depigmentation treatment can be combined in the same session with other gynecological aesthetic procedures: laser or combined (PRP or hyaluronic acid) rejuvenation for the vulvar area, vaginal rejuvenation, O-shot, G-spot augmentation.

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