Vampire therapy (P.R.P.) – infiltrations for rejuvenation and alopecia

The search for rejuvenation methods is a continuous concern of the physicians and researchers worldwide. However, one of the most efficient therapies, to this end, is “right under our nose”.

Precisely, right in our own blood and that is why the method became known internationally as “Vampire Therapy”.

Used by the Hollywood stars for turning back the time, the treatment has been lately available in Romania, too.

 It is extremely useful, as it activates the stem cells, it stimulates the fibroblasts with the collagen and elastin production, it stimulates the angiogenesis and accelerates the tissue regeneration process. 

Thus, it is recommended for facial rejuvenation, skin wrinkles reduction, decrease of skin laxity, treatment of dilated pores and post-acne scars, or stretch marks.

The Vampire Therapy (P.R.P.) represents a medical rejuvenation procedure (of the skin) by restoring its structure. 

The method consists in taking (venous) blood from the patient and the processing of the same with the help of a lab spinner. 

Thus, the red cells (erythrocytes) are separated from the plasma and, and practically, an autologous platelet-rich plasma is obtained. 

These platelets are cells that contain growth and tissue repair factors, which area naturally released by the organism for healing the damaged tissue. 

By the above-described method, we “artificially” make a concentrate by using a special test tube, containing a separating layer of gel, allowing only for the plasma with platelets to remain available and to be extracted by using a syringe.

terapia vampir dermatoestetica - skinmed

The growth factors represent the physiological tank of the body  that is the base of the tissues repairing processes.

The plasma thus obtained is re-injected in the selected areas, under the form of micro bolus, intraepidermal/intradermal, approximately 1 cm away of the other, fully covering the affected area.

The Vampire Therapy (PRP) is a safe and simple one, as there is no risk of allergic reactions or viral/bacterial infection as it uses the patient's own blood. The pain is minimal, the procedure being carried out after local anesthesia and requiring a number of serial sessions, established during the pre-therapy meeting. The maximum effect is obtained in 2-3 months and maintains for 1-2 years.

It is a new and expending procedure, new therapeutic indications being under search for exploiting this highly valuable personal biological material for the tissue recovery and regeneration.
terapia vampir dermatoestetica - skinmed


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or Platelet Thrombocyte Enhanced Plasma Therapy, also called Vampire Therapy, is an injectable treatment that is based on the patient’s blood. Platelets play a vital role in the tissue repair and growth process of newly formed cells. Thus, PRP stimulates collagen secretion, regenerates skin tissue, helping to rejuvenate cells. Also, growth hormones are released into the tissue, which amplifies the healing and regeneration process.

The blood of the patient is the base of the plasma therapy, it is harvested before the procedure with a syringe, under the most secure conditions. The blood thus harvested is introduced into a centrifuge which will separate its components. The resulting plasma, enriched with platelets, will then be reinjected, either by mesotherapy or by microneedling, into the patient’s skin.

On average, a treatment session lasts between one and two hours, depending on the type of PRP administration (mesotherapy or microneedling). This includes both the 30 minutes required to harvest and centrifuge the PRP and the time to apply topical anesthesia as a cream / spray.

Generally, the results appear on average 2 months after initiation of the treatment; first, the patient will notice the hair loss stops and subsequent regeneration of the hair. After a series of 5-6 treatment sessions, maintenance sessions will generally be required to maintain long-term outcomes, generally 1 or 2 per year.

The recovery period is practically non-existent. Immediately after treatment, there will be redness of the treated area, but this usually takes less than 24 hours, in average 2-3 hours.

In rare cases, it may occur immediately after the procedure a low intensity edema of the skin, but it will soon vanish.

Depending on the pathology underlying the hair loss, your dermatologist will determine how many treatment sessions you will need. In general, a series of 5-6 treatment sessions are recommended at 3-4 week intervals.

The PRP used for cosmetic purposes is a safe procedure, with a very small number of contraindications for performing the procedure. The most common undesirable reactions are redness and mild to moderate edema of the treated area, which persist for a very short period of time.

During the medical exam, your doctor will determine if this procedure is indicated and safe for you. This is not addressed to pregnant women and patients with certain associated health problems.

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