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Cellulite, even if it is not a clinically significant disease, is a real aesthetic issue that affects the well-being of the patients. The change in the appearance of the skin automatically results in a shock in the way we perceive our body. 

This problem can be solved in several ways, each with its challenges. 

One of these is mesotherapy. It can be complemented by more complex treatments (Velashape III) or simpler (subcutaneous ozone infiltration).

Our skin is an impervious protective barrier that does not allow substances to reach deep layers and for skin permeability new techniques have been developed to ensure the absorption of active substances and induce active metabolic processes. 

It is quite difficult for an anti-cellulite cream to penetrate this “fortress”, which is why most creams do not have the desired effect, regardless of price or associated massage.

Mesotherapy is a needle technique, non-invasive and not painful, carried out manually (with a syringe with a very thin needle) or instrumentally (by using specially designed medical devices - pen or gun).

The local anesthesia is not mandatory, the procedure being carried out  depending on the patient's tolerance to pain.

This presupposes the insertion at the mesodermal level, by microinjections, of a cocktail of substances, established by the physician depending on the needs and specifics of the patient, containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, oligoelements etc. 

These microinjections deliver the substance directly in the mesodermis, providing the nutritive support, accelerating the lymph flow and the immune systems, thus creating an important biological response.

The active substances are natural ingredients of the body tissues essential for the function of the same and actively participating to the cells metabolism, inducing the activation of metabolic means, inducing the cellular recovery, ensuring the tissues integrity and health. 

There are situations in which hypodermic injection (deep lipoprotein mesotherapy) is associated with substances that selectively destroy adipocytes in the injection areas, the liberated lipids being physiologically drained without overloading internal organs.

There are required 7-10 sessions, at 10-14 days away, the effects  being visible after the first two sessions.

The attending physician drafts a therapeutic protocol, describing the used substances, the total number of the sessions and the sessions intervals (for example when it comes to cellulite there are necessary 7-10 session every 7-10 days, for epidermal regeneration 3-5 sessions every 2- 4 weeks).

It is very important for the patient to return for maintenance sessions every 6 months -1 year.

The mesotherapy session lasts, in average, 30-45 minutes. At the end of the therapeutic program an obvious improvement of the condition to be solved is visible, assessed both subjectively and objectively.

For a long-term maintenance of the desired goddess-like body, besides the VelaShape III treatment, our specialists recommend a balanced diet, sport and rest when the body asks for it. It is also possible to decide on a series of combined treatments that, together with Velashape, include injectable lipolysis mesotherapy sessions, if it is necessary to correct localized adiposities. 

This way you will enjoy the results of mesotherapy, or the ultra-high performance of VelaShape III for a long time.

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