Velashape III, cellulite treatment

Velashape III is the best answer to complex body problems such as cellulite and laxity of the skin. Approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA), Velashape III is the latest generation of non-invasive treatments to eliminate the appearance of orange peel and silhouette shaping. 

The device combines four technologies simultaneously for action to eliminate cellulite and adipose tissue:

  • infrared light heats the tissue up to 3 mm deep
  • bipolar radio frequency heats up to a depth of 15 mm
  • the vacuum ensures precise energy delivery
  • mechanical rollers perform lymph drainage to rapidly eliminate toxins and fat (fat) cells

Clinically  tested results

The safety and efficacy of Velashape III treatments have been demonstrated in extensive clinical trials of more than 5 million treatments carried out on patients around the world. 

Thus, after 4 sessions, a remarkable decrease of an average of 3-4 cm abdominal fat has been registered.

According to such trials, in two weeks after the first session, a decrease of the fat has been registered by 1.5 in the waist area, 1.7 cm in the abdominal area and by 2 cm on the hips. In addition, throughout the trial, the patients did not complain about any side effects, and after treatment they also achieved a major improvement in skin appearance.

Thus, from the efficiency point of view, it works with better results than crypolipolysis.

Price and  frequently asked questions

Still why are there any patients dissatisfied with body remodeling? One reason would be the use of similar devices in cosmetic salons, but which do not have the same power. 

Instead of a power of 20-25 watts, the Velashape III system has a power of 150 watts. 

This includes it in the category of medical aesthetics and not body aesthetics. In other words, it can only be used in medical clinics.

 Another reason is the non-compliance with the duration such device must be used for each area, for getting a lower price per session.

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Thus, a fair price does not only reflect the cost of the appliance and the work performed by specialized personnel (doctors or nurses), but also the use of Velashape for the optimal duration of the treated areas. 

To get a lower price, we recommend buying packages that can reduce the price / session by up to 50%.

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